We all know them. They’re the ones we remember when we need a little help.
They’re kind, caring, and empathetic. They are

Your Favorite Nurses.

DeBuse Wellness Coaching
Change is difficult, but there are ways to make the leap to a healthier you. I work with people like you to explore the possibilities and benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Christine.

Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach. 

As a practicing Nurse for 33 years, working mainly in open heart surgery,  I've seen both the wonders and limitations of modern medicine. There appears to be a missing link somewhere in the wellness continuum. And I believe that you are that missing link. 


Trained as a nurse coach, I want to be your wellness partner. Together we will discover your true desires and capabilities in achieving the life you so richly deserve.


Together, by using honest but gentle inquiry:

  • We will uncover your true desires and goals.

  • We will explore the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

  • We will develop a plan of action to get you closer to your optimal self.

  • I will hold you accountable to your plan because I believe in you!

  • I will teach and provide resources if welcomed.

Holistically coaching in 4 key areas.

These are my guides and tools, let's see what resonates with you.


Whole Food, Plant Based​


Cycling, Hiking, Dancing​


Sleep, Meditative Art, Meditation, Prayer​


Education, Thought Exploration, and Habit Formation