Matching you with the right coach is the first step on your path toward wellness.

     I truly believe that the right nurse coach can make a difference in your life. If you don't feel like we're a good match, check out these other outstanding nurse coaches. One of them may be "your favorite nurse."

~ Christine

Wild Serenity - Health & Wellness, Coaching

Embracing your holistic health! Providing health & wellness coaching for your mind, body and soul. All services provide by a certified Nurse Coach.

Wellness With Jen

Hi! I am Jen and I became a Health Coach because I wanted to share what I have learned after holistically treating my own personal health problems.

Tranquil Journey

By working together, you will rediscover your identity and purpose, create a renewed sense of health and energy, and develop a deep inner peace and happiness by establishing work-life balance, career satisfaction, nourishing relationships, and improved health and confidence.