Calorie Density 101: Chef AJ

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Chef AJ is the queen of the plant-based movement! I've learned a tremendous amount of valuable information from her. She's interviewed over 500 people covering a wide range of health topics, mostly as they relate to our diets.

This YouTube episode on "calorie density" shows you how to spend your calorie currency while getting the most nutrient dense, satisfying foods for the least number of calories. Her plan makes weight loss, not only possible, but inevitable.

Making the adjustment to this way of eating can be a challenge. That's where I come in. Together we will craft a food plan that you may not love at first, but will after your taste buds readjust. Knowing what real food is supposed to taste like, you will come to love the flavors of what nature provides and never want to go back. Weight loss, more energy, and regained health are only a few of the benefits.

Contact me today, all you have to lose is weight!