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I had been living a whole food-plant based (to be honest, mostly a vegetarian) lifestyle for the previous 3 years. I learned SO much more from her what WFPB truly means and how to go about doing it practically in real life! At the time I began with Christine I was 14 lbs less than my highest weight and was stuck there. She was able to give me the education, tools AND the nitty gritty Coaching that I needed to break through my own mental sabotages and limiting beliefs in being able to live a WFPB lifestyle. What I liked most is her flexibility and learning how to work with me as an individual. We are all so uniquely different, and learn best from different methods. We built a trusting relationship in that I was able to open up to my true feelings, fears and hopes. I’m now 35 lbs down from my highest weight and counting!!!

~ Sheila, RN, California

I was unable to get unstuck regarding a painful family situation and didn't know how to direct my thoughts in a purposeful way. Christine came along and introduced me to Byron Katie's work and personally walked me through it. She kept redirecting me away from thoughts that we're not helpful to me and towards ones that were. I can do these exercises any time and apply them to most any situation. Christine said some things that helped me articulate my thoughts in a less negative way and reach out to a family member whereas I was unable to before.

~ Marla, RN, Washington


Christine is easy to talk to; I felt able to trust her with my negative thoughts. She has an air of integrity, professionalism and capability. Our chat enabled me to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings I was having. I’d recommend Christine to anyone stuck with negative thoughts who wants to apply some rational perspective to their thinking rather than being caught in an endless cycle of negativity and unnecessary drama. 

~ Penny, Business Executive, United Kingdom

I had an unhealthy relationship with food and felt sluggish and tired. I felt crummy, physically and emotionally and definitely felt out of control. I knew that drastic change was absolutely necessary, but had no idea how to start. To say that the coaching sessions have had a positive impact is an understatement. They have been life changing! I have learned how to implement change, while receiving positive feedback and support and all the information I needed to succeed. Your positivity and non-judgemental approach were extremely helpful. I always looked forward to our sessions. And your wealth of knowledge; always having suggestions or answers. Through the books and videos you suggested, my knowledge has grown immensely, making the process easy and fun.

~ Carol, RN, Nebraska

What she introduced me to was a whole foods, plant based diet. Christine shared a lot of great resources with me and some I discovered on my own because the more I learned, the more I needed to know and all of it inspired me to make a significant change. She's helped me pick up some better habits and I like having the weekly sessions because I can share what I've learned and I feel accountable during the week.

~ Kim, Administrative Assistant, Washington

I enjoyed your friendly and optimistic attitude, it feels more comfortable discussing things when I don't feel as though I'm being judged or as though I am about to be lectured. By asking me broad questions with a neutral attitude, and then empathizing with my responses I was able to better reflect on myself and there was a trust built.

~ Mia, College Student, Washington

I learned how to form healthy habits just by executing a few easy steps at the beginning and end of every day. To anybody battling with issues of fear or low self esteem and to be able to construct a plan for success that’s motivating and easy to achieve.

~ Caleb, College Student, Washington

I learned a great deal about nutrition and food, and new ways of eating. I would recommend your coaching to people who are needing to make personal changes, those who need guidance on goals and things they want to improve, and anyone who needs motivation.

~ Shannon, Small Business Owner, Washington

It was amazing. You are easy to talk to and so respectful. I never felt like I could not trust you at any time.​ I gained the strength to take care of me. I am happy to say I think about things differently. I am achieving the goals I have set forth with you. I have learned that deep breathing is amazing at helping to cope with stress. I have also learned how important it is to try and make some healthy changes with my life by adjusting eating habits and including more activity.

~ Holley, Hospital Administrator, Washington


The experience was great. You are organized and have everything in place and don't waste my time. That's really important. You didn't struggle with finding questions, but seemed to have some in your tool kit for wherever the conversation was going. And your questions were posed to draw out relevant information, not just chit chatty. I really feel like we dug in and got a lot done each session and I was really encouraged and inspired each time. Also, now that the sessions have ended, I seem to be hanging on to them in a way that is helping me stay accountable. I'm not sure how to explain that, but I feel like I have a partner in health now maybe? 

~ Kim, Marketing Professional, Washington

Christine immediately put me at ease. She is down to earth and approachable. I shared more than I thought I ever would with someone who I just met. Christine challenged me to think about my beliefs around diet and was patient with me as I talked and rambled.​ I feel much more confident and at ease with nurse coaching. I am not nearly as overwhelmed and anxious as I was when we first met. I'm sleeping better, eating better and feel well!​ ​I highly recommend Christine as a nurse coach, especially to those who are interested in and ready to transform their health. She is an incredible resource, especially when it comes to plant based diets and healthy living. She walks her talk and is inspiring to work with. 

~ Joy, Nurse, Oregon

I would absolutely recommend you for coaching! You are so supportive and encouraging yet have great feedback. Your honesty and caring nature are a breath of fresh air and I always looked forward to our meetings.

~ Valerye, Nurse, Colorado

My first session with you was really good, so good, it was intimidating. But after getting to know you better, I realized how much we were alike. I love the fact that you had a plethora of resources for me and that you would use certain techniques to help me to come to my own conclusions. I appreciate all your resources, advice and honesty with me during our sessions. I really gained a sense of confidence and really felt heard during our sessions. You helped to realize that I am intelligent, capable of doing anything I set my mind to and to look beyond how things are spoken to me and focus on the reasons behind it and how I play a role in it all. Because of our sessions, I was able to face my supervisor for my yearly evaluation without any preconceived notions about how the evaluation was going to go.

~ Ine, Nurse, California

I gained the benefits of working through my fears of practicing mindfulness. Working with Christine resulted in my ability to practice open mindfulness techniques without feeling shut down. Christine pushed me out of my fears and into a new discovery of confidence in myself. I have not only discovered that I am capable of these mindfulness practices, but that with practice comes a newfound love of mindfulness.

~ Roxy, Nurse, Nevada

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